5 Ways Throughout the Day to Improve Your Glutes

5 Ways Throughout the Day to Improve Your Glutes

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Working out once a day, multiple times per week, is a sure-fire way to see growth improvement in the booty region. (Especially if you’re implementing weight resistance training) However, this blog will reveal 5 ways you can be compounding great bonuses that will plump your glutes so that you see results faster.

1. Plant Protein 

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Add some ground flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, or tahini to your meals throughout the day! This will definitely add a few more calories to your daily intake of energy. Still, it will, more importantly, add a good source of protein. For someone like myself who eats a primarily plant-based diet, adding some of these omega-3 rich foods to my meals can help muscle growth and performance for just a few bucks per week. These tasty additives will also boost your fiber intake, which will naturally keep your water and body fat percentage in check.

2. Get A Juicy Booty In Bed

Right when you wake up, even before you get out of bed, getting right to these three exercises while still laying down will be a breeze!

1.) Lay on your side, legs stacked, and the leg closer to the ceiling, gently rise as high as comfortable, then lower back down. Do this for multiple reps, roll to the other side, and perform on your other leg.

Glute Exercises at Home

2.) Next, roll onto your back. Bring feet planted onto the bed, pulled toward your glutes. With your pelvis tucked under, gently push through feet into a glute bridge. At the top of the bridge, open up knees slightly, bring back to neutral, then bring booty back down to the bed. Perform this bridge for multiple reps.

Glute Workouts for Men

3.) Lastly, roll onto the stomach. Hands and arms extended in front of you, raise into a Superman (arms and legs lifted off of the floor a few inches) squeeze for 15 seconds, then rest. Do this multiple times until you’re ready to get out of bed!

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Doing this every morning will reveal incredible results in sculpting and toning the thighs and glutes. I didn’t specify exact reps or sets because everyone is at a different point on their journey. Be gentle on your body, listen to its signals, but make sure to be consistent. With constant chipping away will create the sculpture you aspire to be.

3. “Ad” Time To Move

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Since the March 2020 stay at home orders/quarantine, YouTube video views have gone up by the millions. I am notorious for skipping those 15-second ads the moment they appear before or during the video I’m watching. I have a feeling I’m not alone in doing this. From now on, every single time you see a YouTube ad (or T.V. commercial), take these 15 seconds to do SOMETHING, such as glute bridges, squats, or lunges. Sprinkling these bursts of exercises throughout the day when we’re watching T.V. or YouTube will help keep our hips warm, and our cheeks growing.

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Bonus Tip: Usually, the ads we see that pop up on YouTube videos actually help the YouTuber make more money. Watching or listening passively to a 15-second ad can be our way of saying, “Thanks for the great content you put out, enjoy the ad cents you just earned because of me.”

4. Posture

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Us humans have natural arches in our backs. Unfortunately, many of us have a curve in our back that would be categorized as “anterior pelvic tilt.” This means our lower backs are too arched, and having this daily weakens our muscles. This over-arch means we are walking and standing around with our belly’s and booties sticking out loose and not taunt.

While we’re doing the dishes, or waiting in line somewhere, making sure our posture is on point will alleviate pain, and promote blood flow throughout our bodies. When you catch yourself in lousy posture, here are some things to check. Evenly distribute your weight to both feet about shoulder-width apart. Roll your shoulders back, head up but chin tucked, slowly tilt/ rotate your pelvis under. Keeping this neutral position will better your posture if done every day. Better posture will allow for a better range of motion during exercise, and this will result in better muscle growth.

Bonus Tip: While doing the dishes or waiting in line, squeezing the glutes and releasing off and on over and over will eventually tighten the glutes and make your backside firmer and toner. This is by far the easiest, probably most passive tip I have for tightening and toning the glutes. 

5. Don’t Forget About Lateral 

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When we think of movements that will target the glutes, squats, bridges, and dead-lifts often come to mind. These are all excellent and practical exercises that will benefit your body and booty. However, these are all movements that, when performed, will keep your feet together. Something so many of us neglects to train is our Gluteus Medius. The glute medius is located on the outer sides of our glutes/hips. Training this will not only help us with balance but will give our hips/booty a beautiful toned – round shape.

Morning and night, I recommend putting a band around the thighs and doing some lateral kicks on each leg for a few minutes. Doing so every day will significantly strengthen your glute medius. This muscle is weak on most people, and vastly underused (since we walk forward, not usually side to side). Over time, you’ll be able to perform with heavier bands and with more reps. However, in the beginning, it’s just about being consistent. Remember to enjoy the process! You can also perform these side kicks without bands if preferred. Side lunges are also great lateral moves to implement, as well.

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I hope some, if not all, of these 5 ways helped you in some way with your progress! Remember to maintain a positive mindset, stay consistent, and be safe. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the best booty you’ve ever seen. (Even the artificial implants take time to heal!) Implementing these various tips can transform your body with reps and time, so be easy on yourself and enjoy the journey.

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